3…2…1…Blast Off!!!

Marianne Harper with son, Noah

Noah and volunteer constructing his rocket

Noah and volunteer stabilizing the wing on the rocket

Fashion blogger Marianne Harper and son, Noah

Noah ready to launch his rocket

Close to launch time

Noah on the final countdown

I love going on little adventures with Noah. God helped me realize that I’m living my legacy, one day at a time. I think sometimes we get lost in our lifestyle, waiting for those perfect Pinterest “teachable moments”, not realizing that those moments are every day. No matter how cliché it sounds, life is truly what you make of it. If I teach Noah that life is a drag, he’s going to grow up seeing it as a drag. If I teach Noah that school is a pain, he will struggle with this skewed perspective. So I purposed it in my heart to teach Noah that school is cool. I don’t care what he wants to learn in school. The point is knowledge doesn’t take up space. Right?

So when I saw Boeing was hosting a rocket launch event for kids, I thought SCORE!!! Mother lode!!!

This event was so awesome. All you had to do is bring your own 2-liter bottle as your fuselage (heeeeey, check out the jargon!) and that’s it!

The rest of the supplies were provided. They also had Boeing engineers who had volunteered their time to be “consultants” for the kids if they had questions.

Noah had only one question.

He marched right up to the booth and asked:

“What are the laws of aerodynamics?”

I smiled at the engineer. He’s on his own with that one!

After building his rocket, we walked up to the launch line. We received safety goggles (because I still remember the “Carol” poster in my o-chem lab – she didn’t wear her goggles so now Carol can’t see) and filled our bottle with water. Then it was on to the “launch pad”.

Noah looked like he had ants in his pants! The moment had arrived!

3…2…1…BLAST OFF!!!!!!!

This was an activity that was beyond fun for Noah, not to mention I got a little carried away trying to figure out how our parachute would deploy!!! In the words of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, “science rules!”

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