My Empire State of Mind

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who dreamed of visiting New York City. She was so captivated by the city that never sleeps. It was at the top of her travel bucket list. One day, she thought. Fast forward a few decades and that day finally arrived!  I had the Empire State of Mind going…I wanted to see if the city was really as fabulous as mainstream media claims it is.

New York was everything I dreamed of and then some. It was such an awesome experience to see the city that never sleeps. The skyscrapers that loom over the busy people of Manhattan were sight to see. I found myself looking up more than I was looking around me. I loved the city vibe. It’s difficult to explain how LA is so different from Manhattan. I spent so much time walking whereas in LA, I spend most of my time in my car, crawling through traffic.

Most of all, being there with my very own Mr. Big made me feel like I was the luckiest girl in the world. He took me around the city, making sure I did nearly just about everything I had penned down for this trip. It wasn’t possible to cram everything into 3 days but it was an amazing trip nonetheless.

Bye bye Manhattan! I’ll be seeing you!

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