The 5 Fashion Trends that Ruled Summer ’16

Every Summer, there’s a series of unavoidable trends that become the go-to’s of fashion lovers everywhere. These stylish yet fleeting fashions are what we live for every season: from bbq’s and music festivals to movie dates and Summer getaways with besties, these trends fill our Instagram feeds and camera rolls to infinity. So what are the unavoidable … Continue Reading

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Fashion Forward: The September Issues

The biggest month in fashion editorial has almost arrived and that only means one thing: September Issues! Although we all consider January 1st an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings, September issues mark yet another restart button during the year; especially when it comes to fashion. No more off the shoulder tops and vintage denim … Continue Reading

Kendall Jenner Sports Fashions from Voters Through the Decades

Kendall Jenner is a member of the world renowned girl squad of supermodels that rule the digital generation. And with over 64 million followers on Instagram, her voice is more than capable of igniting social and political change among this technology driven group. In collaboration with Independent Journal Review, Kendall Jenner takes a savvy and fashion forward approach … Continue Reading

Modern Muses: Amal Clooney

Who embodies female empowerment more than Amal Clooney? The highly successful human rights lawyer, activist and author should add style icon to her amazing list of accolades. Her well polished, sophisticated style is perfect for her day job(s), yet the quirky flare she adds to outfits perfectly suit her off-time life as wife of George Clooney and Hollywood socialite. And although … Continue Reading

Olivia Palermo Wore this Fall Color Trend First

Fall is quickly approaching and thanks to socialite and fashion maven Olivia Palermo, we can add one more color to our seasonal palette. Brown is a subdued and perfectly fitting yet often unfavored color in fashion. But during this season’s Fall 2016 Couture Collections, this deep neutral tone has taken a major step into the spotlight. … Continue Reading

Levi Re-Launches the Legendary 505 Jean

Don’t you wish you could take a trip back to the psychedelic 70’s – a period dominated by peace, punk rock and classic denim –  for just one day? Thanks to timeless denim brand Levi’s, you’ve just earned your chance. The iconic 505 denim style that permeated pop culture, worn by American greats from The Ramones to Debbie … Continue Reading

How to Pose Like a Fashion Blogger

Photo Source: Marianna Hewitt Instagram is no longer just a social media site for cute kitten photos and good eats. Between our favorite celebrities, socialites and fashion bloggers, there’s no shortage of perfect selfies and photo-ops gracing our feeds daily. It’s time to join in on the fun. We’ve collected key tips from our favorite … Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Kylie! Our 19 Favorite Kylie Jenner Looks

Kylie Jenner may be the youngest of the ‘K’ clan, but her signature style undoubtedly keeps up with her sisters’. The daring fashionista is never afraid to switch up her style in a major way. She’s tried every hair color under the rainbow (she went with red for her 19th birthday this year) and all … Continue Reading