The Dreamiest Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week Fall 2017

Bare shoulders, layered skirts, breathtaking colors, daring necklines and unconventional silhuoettes were among the eye-catching trends for Fall 2017 bridal designs. While classic ruffles, feathers, and tiered skirts were present at Bridal Fashion Week, the V neckline made a major comeback while bell-sleeved dresses were considered the “revelation” for Fall brides in 2017. From ball gowns and A-lines … Continue Reading

Five Ways to Wear Your Favorite Pair of Denim

Jeans, always have, and probably always will be, a staple in any wardrobe. Modern, minimalist, feminine, sporty, or high fashion– there really is a style to suit any jean loving fashionista. But do you ever feel a little stuck in your jean wearing ways? Maybe you’re going through a boyfriend jean phase, or maybe you … Continue Reading

Secrets to Color Correcting

The Fine Art of Color Correcting Why isn’t makeup application considered a fine science yet? Flesh-toned concealer does wonders for hiding imperfections, but alone, it’s not enough to achieve even-looking skin that sets the foundation (literally) for any flawless look. After all, there’s levels (and colors) to this new-age makeup game. We’re breaking down one of MUAs’ best tools … Continue Reading

7 Day to Night Fashion Essentials

If you’re a busy woman on the go, you may find yourself having to go from work straight to happy hour with your gal pals. It may seem impossible to find the perfect look that’s equal parts professional and cute. But with these 7 items, you’ll have the perfect day to night fashion essentials to always be ready … Continue Reading

Ciara is Revlon’s Newest Global Brand Ambassador

Ever since Ciara bursted onto the music scene with her hit single “My Goodies” in 2004, she has managed to conquer the realms of music, dance, fashion — and now beauty. This week, Revlon announced Ciara as their newest global brand ambassador. Now holding a spot among the elite predecessors who once held this title … Continue Reading

Michelle Obama’s Iconic FLOTUS Style

The Obama reign is almost over, but who can forget Michelle Obama‘s iconic FLOTUS style? Throughout her eight years in the White House, she has always maintained a regal sense of style and grace that is nothing short of legend worthy. From her epic political speeches, amazing activism and incredible motherhood, her style is just … Continue Reading

Ice Facials: Find Out Why You Desperately Need One NOW!

This summer’s beauty tip is our best kept secret and we are sharing it because you desperately need an ice facial NOW! With this simple tip you achieve a glowy, smooth complexion by treating yourself to a nightly facial massage with one simple ingredient: ice. The chilling trick is not only the perfect way to … Continue Reading

Best Fashion Forward Celebrity Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year when every adult gets a pass to dress up as whoever (or whatever) they want to be for one night. Halloween has gone from a children’s holiday for door-to-door candy collecting to a full fledged national phenomenon when even the biggest celebrities in Hollywood dress to the tee. Whether it be … Continue Reading