Best Fashion Forward Celebrity Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year when every adult gets a pass to dress up as whoever (or whatever) they want to be for one night. Halloween has gone from a children’s holiday for door-to-door candy collecting to a full fledged national phenomenon when even the biggest celebrities in Hollywood dress to the tee. Whether it be … Continue Reading

Fall Fashion Crush: Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid never ceases to captivate and inspire with her impeccable style. At just 19, the model managed to make a name for herself in the fashion industry, becoming far more than Gigi’s sister. Just this year, she made an incendiary appearance on the cover of Vogue France. The beautiful brunette, who is currently in … Continue Reading

The Must-Have Lip Colors that Will Rule Fall 2016

The best part of the arrival of a new season: new lip colors! There’s nothing better than getting the opportunity to switch up your makeup game at the start of a new season. Everyone knows that Fall is the perfect season to introduce new dark lippies into your beauty mix. But this year, with the … Continue Reading

Decoding Dress Codes for Any Event

If you’ve ever been invited to an event with a specific dress code, it may be difficult to determine the balance between showing off your signature style while adhering to the standards of the event. Who wants to show up to a business casual event looking TOO casual or attend a semi-formal event looking way … Continue Reading

Style Icon: Jackie Kennedy

There are some fashionistas whose style transcends time. There’s no denying that the legendary Jackie Kennedy is one of them. While some would argue that Jackie’s style was reserved and traditionally conservative, she always knew how to add her signature touch to every look.  To this day, her style serves as a blueprint for leading ladies … Continue Reading

Top Fashion Trends from the Paris Fashion Week Runways

With no shortage of drama, artistry, elegance, and headline making news, Paris Fashion Week (PFW) did not disappoint as the grand finale of a whirlwind tour of the most glorious fashion the world has to offer. The event began with a force when news broke about the terrifying robbery involving Kim Kardashian West. Yet the … Continue Reading

The Choker Trend: How to Wear It Like Your Favorite Celebrity

It’s a dream come true for all ’90’s babies everywhere; chokers are back and BETTER than ever! The choker trend slowly snuck its way back to the radar, which became evident when pop diva Ariana Grande made it her fashion staple at the peek of her rise to fame. Now, every it girl you can … Continue Reading

Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Although many of our favorite viral beauty trends  are accredited to the Kardashians and MUA bloggers, many of them are actually age-old beauty secrets that Hollywood icons have sworn by for decades. These little tricks can do wonders for not only elevating your makeup game, but ensuring that your makeup lasts all day long. Take … Continue Reading